Monday, December 31, 2012

Fresh North Sea air at Zwin

The Good Life became The Choosy Life, because it corresponds me even better I thought... So hello again and Happy 2013! A good way to start (or end the year) is by breathing in some good fresh North Sea air. Check out our visit to "Le Zwin".

Part I : At the end of November we did a tour of the Zwin, a famous nature reserve and bird's nesting paradise at the Belgian seaside. Don't forget to wear your gumboots!

That's Cadzand in the Netherlands accros the water.

There's a little zoo with birds attached to the Zwin. Here's a fantastic HooHoo owl, amazing how he turns his head 180° ...  A bit sad to see that beautiful creature in a cage, but then again otherwise we wouldn't be able to see him so close in real life ...

Part II : We ended the year with a long walk along the coast next to the Zwin. It's also a great place to bicycle. You can even walk to Cadzand when it's low tide. Unfortunaltely, it wasn't the case when we were there... You better check ahead if you wanna cross to the Netherlands. 

 Cadzand is in the back...

Of course a stop at "Le Rubens" could't be omitted after a good walk. It's a traditional place where you would go with your family and friends.  I love their pimms with canada dry, the yummy croquettes crevettes and the light and crispy waffles with cream mmm... 2012 was a very good year, let's hope 2013 will be as good :-)