Sunday, January 20, 2013

Amalfi Coast : part 2#

Reason 5 and 6 to enjoy the Amalfi are last but not least!

5#  CAPRI  :  this enchanting island near the Amalfi coast is unique. To enjoy it to the fullest you must stay over, we stayed 2 nights in the lovely decorated Capri Suite in Anacapri, followed by 2 nights in Capri. We are definitely going back to Capri, for its mesmerizing sunsets and killer views, beautiful hikes, great swims, deep blue sea, unique atmosphere and quietness (once you leave the tourist roads).

Il Faraglioni

Full Moon in Marina Piccola

Old forts hike

Prosecco time

Refreshing lunch

Mmmmm pasta & clams!

6#  HIKES  :  The Amalfi Coast is full of unforgettable hikes, the most famous one is the path of the Gods. It is an ancient shepherd's path connecting Positano to Praiano. The views are amazing!  It's pretty tiring in summer because of the heat, I think I've never sweated that much in my whole life! The path is about 12km long and pretty steep to start but just memorable, and if you don't feel up for it, some short cuts are possible :-)

View on the complete Amalfi Coast, reaching till Capri

Here I got quiet and happily enjoyed the view...

Some useful tips if you decide to explore that beautiful region :

  • avoid touristy areas on weekends
  •  rent a boat, that's a must 
  • drive a little further south and stay in agriturismo (b&b with agricultural touch, most make local produce like olive oil, limoncello, cheese, ... ) we stayed at the friendly and affordable casale giancesare.
  • get a condition, cuz steep coasts mean you have to walk down to the sea with lots and lots of stairs and you must hike in the region
  • enjoy the local delicacies and eat at the slow food jewel Per Bacco

Ciao Ciao!

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