Sunday, January 27, 2013

BXL walk : Rue du Page & La Meute

We are city hikers! We love to walk in cities, as well as in nature actually. It's such a good way to discover an area or to rediscover your own neighborhood. I love "Rue du Page" in Ixelles, it's walking distance from our place and makes me feel abroad.... It could be Berlin, Stockholm or just some place nice elsewhere.   We bumped into the recently opened La Meute shop. A collection of bizarre and quirky things, yet you feel the beauty.  I liked many of the out of the ordinary objects, the lovely mugs, the porcelain rabbit piggy bank, the little black notebooks, the black dresses... Everything is carefully selected in a dark and cool mood. 

 I loved this argentic photograph, which of course was a bit pricy...

Here are some other cool stop-worthy shops on that same "Rue du Page" 

Wineshop Basin Marot who sells lots of natural bottles to good restos

Fixerati for the bike lovers (fixed gears though) 

Luxury Vintage shop

 Yummy lunch place

After this cold walk, we were in need to sit and drink a hot beverage, so we stopped at The Coffee Parlor, a new place around the corner from our apartment. It's pretty cosy and the owner is a young couple so good luck to them with their project!

Happy Sunday x

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