Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bistronomie at Selecto

You know I love food right, so once in a while I like to have yummy food in a restaurant instead of at home.  Last week I tried Selecto with a few friends. It's actually the 2nd time I try it... I visited more than a year ago and was curious to know if it was still as good as then...   Selecto is a place that serves Bistronomie, i.e. high class food in a bistro atmosphere.  Cosiness, refined food and affordable, that's how we like it :-)

L'apero was sparkling rosé wine, called "Pièges à filles" (girl's trap hihi)

 Wine from the Campania region, aaah sigh, beautiful Amalfi coast...

Marinated scallops or coquilles St-Jacques from Brittany with an oriental touch

Roasted sea bass on the skin, butternut crumble and spring onions, mozzarella di buffalo, sooo tasty cider butter sauce

This dessert was DELICIOUS!!!  Iced soufflé with Piemonte hazelnuts and salted butter caramel

Also, the menu is no too long, so always fresh and seasonal and changes regularly. Count about 50€ per person for the 3-course menu and drinks.  If you want to try Selecto, book ahead! 

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